Author | Pat Kroken


Surviving healthcare reform: Setting a strategic direction

October 25, 2010

Healthcare reform is game changer but nobody can yet fully articulate the impact of the new rules. How do you plan for the future when there are so many unknowns? This is the second article in a series that examines how healthcare reform is likely to affect radiology practices and how they can prepare for drastic changes to come.

Surviving healthcare reform: Get lean, learn the insurance game

September 10, 2010

Business consultant Pat Kroken discusses the need to batten down the hatches before provisions of the healthcare reform bill blow in next year. She suggests ways to improve internal billing and collection processes and find lost money.

Protecting your radiology contract: Steps you can take

August 11, 2010

This is the third and final article in a series reviewing why and how radiology practices set themselves up to lose their long-held professional services agreements. What steps groups can take to turn an adversarial relationship to a collaborative partnership is the subject of this third article. Included is a challenge to change how we conduct business, with the goal of long-term success for everyone involved.

Protecting your radiology contract: Quality from the hospital’s perspective

July 21, 2010

From the hospital's perspective, a radiology group's quality is measured by quality assurance reporting, working well with others, participating on medical staff committees, and other administrative duties. Still, a highly competent radiology practice, one with "quality" radiologists, can lose a contract over basic service issues, nonphysician interpersonal relationships, or other common administrative expectations.