Paula Gould


Repeatability questions complicate search for imaging biomarkers

June 10, 2010

Would you drink a half-liter of cream? Not the most appealing prospect, but Prof. David Lomas did just that to check the robustness of liver fat as an imaging biomarker and self-experiment.

Polytrauma demands well-trained emergency radiologists

March 09, 2010

European radiologists should have specialist training in emergency radiology, just as happens in the U.S., ECR delegates were told Friday.

Imaging services prepare for tighter radiation safety regulations

March 09, 2010

The topic of radiation protection has moved steadily up the political agenda over the past decade. Headline-grabbing research detailing the rise in medical radiation exposure and forging a link between imaging and cancer has helped to focus attention on the need to do something. But what exactly should be done? Tighter legislation, better self-regulation, or improved education? The probable answer is all three.

Lecture highlights the human touch in musculoskeletal radiology

March 09, 2010

People, not images, were the stars of the show at the ECR 2010 Josef Lissner honorary lecture. Prof. Suzanne Anderson used her 30-minute timeslot to link inspirational teachers and mentors to the future of musculoskeletal radiology.