Tools for Measuring Quality and Safety in Radiology

April 28, 2015

Tools to help measure quality and safety in radiology as presented at ARRS 2015.

FDG PET/CT Not Useful in Newly Diagnosed Stage III ILC Breast Cancer

April 24, 2015

FDG PET may not be valuable for all breast cancer histologies.

DBT Better Detects Cancer in Dense Breasts

April 24, 2015

Digital breast tomosynthesis is effective in detecting breast cancer overall, but particularly so in dense breast tissue.

Dual-Energy CT Shows Potential for Pancreatic Cancer

April 22, 2015

Imaging by DECT may be an important tool in diagnosing and managing pancreatic cancer.

MRI Important Tool in Prenatal Fetal Assessment

April 20, 2015

Magnetic resonance images can add valuable information to prenatal fetal assessment.