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After two decades, it's time to bid farewell and thanks

Diagnostic Imaging EuropeDiagnostic Imaging Europe Vol 26 No 8
Volume 26
Issue 8

As I embark on a new episode in my journalistic career, I can reflect on the past 17 years as the editor of Diagnostic Imaging Europe and Diagnostic Imaging Asia Pacific.

As I embark on a new episode in my journalistic career, I can reflect on the past 17 years as the editor of Diagnostic Imaging Europe and Diagnostic Imaging Asia Pacific.

The 1990s were a particularly special decade for me. Our three children were born, and I began working for DI. I realize it must seem slightly odd to mention these personal and professional landmark events in the same breath, but it's relevant to do so because they both not only involved huge challenges but also brought great rewards.

It has been an absolute pleasure for me to see DI Europe evolve and mature over the years. I have enjoyed every moment. The thrill, excitement, and satisfaction of opening a fresh box of printed issues remains as strong as ever and continues to fill me with a sense of pride.

As in any partnership, teamwork has proved integral to the magazine's success. When I wrote my first editorial in March 1994, I encouraged readers to become more closely involved. I explained that we were seeking to transform Diagnostic Imaging International, as DI Europe was called then, from the offshoot of a successful, established U.S. publication into a stand-alone European magazine with its own identity and distinctive regional content.

At the time, I had no idea what response I'd get. I knew medical doctors were incredibly busy, and I wondered if they would really want to take on yet more work, especially when it was unpaid.

I needn't have worried, because the response and willingness to contribute have always been forthcoming. Across the globe, medical training appears to instill an overriding and unquestioning desire to share information and ideas freely with others, and such openness has allowed us to grow and develop. Many authors have shown their readiness to prepare articles for us, and a band of regular columnists have added great insight and entertainment. Having such a healthy pipeline of strong material has provided great reassurance and given us firm foundations on which to build. Regular feedback has come from readers in the form of letters to the editor and survey responses. And last but definitely not least, the Editorial Advisory Board has given me constant encouragement and fresh ideas.

In addition, I have been incredibly fortunate to work with so many talented and creative publishing colleagues in editorial, sales, marketing, and circulation. Without their hard work and input, the magazine would not have prospered.

I would like to acknowledge and thank everybody for their support over the years. You have made the job stimulating and rewarding.

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