BYOD: Radiology Apps Worth Checking Out

At SIIM 2014, mobile technology was a hot topic. See the apps presented by a mobile technology expert here.

With over a million apps in the app store, finding a valuable radiology app can be a daunting process. At SIIM 2014, Woojin Kim, MD, assistant professor of radiology, hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, divided apps into categories and called out a few worth checking out. Here is a brief list:


Case Review

Case Reviews: helps prepare for radiology boards.

iRadiology: quick review of classic radiology cases.

Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED: presents teaching files.

Radiopaedia: explores medical imaging material.


Ctisus iQuiz: quizzes on radiology topics.


AIRP Syllabus: syllabus lecture materials.



Diagnostic Radiology: dynamic approach to abdominal radiology.


IMAIOS e-Anatomy: atlas of human anatomy for radiologists.

Differential Diagnoses

Chest Radiology Differential Diagnosis Lists: differential diagnosis lists.

Calculator – Bone Age

Bone Age: Gilsanz and Ratib digital hand bone age atlas.

Normal Values

RadRef – Normal Values in Diagnostic Imaging: access the normal range of frequent measurements.


iMRI: library of MRI acronyms.


MRI Simulator: simulates MRIs.


iRad MRI: vendor free protocols.

Radiographic Positioning

iRad Xrays: positioning and anatomy atlas.

Multimedia and Navigation

mskNAV: learning and navigating musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Image Viewer

Mobile MIM: viewing, registration, fusion or display for diagnostic imaging.