FDA Approves Carestream’s Bone Suppression Software for CR, DR Systems

New image acquisition software from Carestream includes an FDA cleared bone suppression software feature.

The FDA has given clearance to a bone suppression feature in Carestream’s newest image acquisition software, which also includes other new features for its portable and room-based CR and DR systems.

The software’s optional bone suppression feature creates a companion image from the original exposure that improves visibility of lung nodules and other pathology by suppressing the appearance of posterior ribs and clavicles. The software also includes Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Dose Reporting capability, which collects radiation dose information via the IHE Radiation Dose Monitoring Profile from all Carestream DR and CR systems and distributes the information to the healthcare provider’s PACS.

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“We are one of the first companies to provide radiation exposure data for CR and DR systems using the IHE profile. This information can then be linked to management systems that enable dose monitoring and reporting for each patient,” Helen Titus, marketing director of X-Ray solutions at Carestream, said in a release.

The software will allow one CR and one DR system (or two CR systems) to be supported on a single console. Users will be able to identify CR cassettes or DR detectors, view patient demographics and review images from one console for both imaging systems.

“This new software will support both CR and DR systems to smooth the transition and expansion to digital radiography for hospitals and imaging facilities of all sizes,” Titus said in a release.

The new software will be available for Carestream DRX systems and Carestream DIRECTVIEW Classic, Elite and Max CR systems. It will also be offered as an upgrade to these CR and DRX platforms already installed at customer sites.

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