Elizabeth Goss




Radiology Wife: US Arts 131 (Ultrasound Appreciation)

September 29, 2011

Since ultrasounds are like opera but better, why are there no college classes offered in Ultrasound Appreciation alongside the other cultural arts? Since they don't yet exist I guess I should just offer a class myself. So here is the syllabus; let me know if you want to attend.

Radiology Wife: A Happy Radiologist In Three Simple Steps

September 22, 2011

Here are three rules I have learned that will keep a radiology husband happy and healthy. (Note to Radiology Husbands: Print this out and put it on the refrigerator for your wife.)

Radiology Wife: National Find a Radiologist Month

September 12, 2011

Really, the general public has no idea what a radiologist is. Then again, a lot of physicians don't know much about radiologists either. However, as the wife of a radiologist, I can assure you that they are much more than the voice at the other end of the phone. Here are two big reasons holding people back from discovering these great doctors in person.

Radiology Wife: Slinging Barium Birthday

August 29, 2011

But really, all this amounts to one big pile of negativity and I just don't want to wallow in it. Not on my birthday. Instead, I will let you glimpse the secret birthday rules. Make a copy; I have a feeling you'll need them later.