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After a decade of growth in teleradiology; now what's next?

December 14, 2010

It's been a bit more than a decade since teleradiology really started to take off in the U.S. Fed by a radiologist shortage in the early 2000s and a desire by many practices to shed their night call work.

Reconstructions of radiologic facial images could strip away patient privacy

December 03, 2010

Do you think stripping out textual identifying information in publicly available radiologic images will protect you against privacy violations? Think again. A paper presented Thursday at the 2010 RSNA meeting showed how facial images reconstructed from maxillofacial sinus and cerebral vasculature images could be matched in a database using commonly available face-matching software.

For cutting CT dose, start with the scout scan

December 02, 2010

CT scout or scanogram images make up only about 4% of the typical chest/abdominal scan radiation dose, but are an easy target for dose reductions, according to a study presented Wednesday. Further, as technology changes and protocol updates reduce overall dose rates, scout images will make up a relatively larger part of the total and still represent a good target for cuts.

Big cuts in appendicitis CT scan dose possible, study suggests

December 02, 2010

It should be possible to reduce radiation dose levels by as much as 50% in CT appendicitis scans without seriously sacrificing accuracy, a study presented Tuesday by Duke University researchers concluded.

For appendix CT scan, bring a tape measure

November 30, 2010

Imagers know that you can skip the contrast in heavier patients undergoing CT scans for suspected appendicitis, but just how heavy is heavy enough?

Mobile devices fare well in image display tests, but still face hurdles

November 29, 2010

Mobile devices for image display scored well in scientific papers presented Monday but still face significant hurdles before they are ready to become a routine part of image interpretation.

Utilization management, computer decision support square off at RSNA

November 29, 2010

Alternative strategies for controlling imaging utilization, radiology benefit managers and computerized decision support, squared off in a scientific session Sunday.

The deck is stacked against coronary CTA; why it matters

November 03, 2010

In the middle part of the last decade, dozens of courses cropped up to train radiologists how to read coronary CT angiography, a first-line strategy for low- and intermediate-risk patients with what could be heart-related chest pain.

New meaningful use rules spell opportunity for radiology

October 13, 2010

When Congress passed the stimulus legislation last year, with its $19 billion appropriation to help boost electronic health record adoption in the U.S., it was considered mildly interesting to radiologists