Karen Sandrick


Evidence grows for high-field MRI’s value in prostate cancer

March 06, 2009

Image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound, and cryotherapy are increasing the curative treatment options for men with prostate cancer. The problem is how to determine which patients are most suitable for these therapies.

Flat-panel detection speedsdiagnosis and throughput

February 01, 2009

Conventional radiography/fluoroscopyhas always been cumbersome.

CR prepares to challenge solid-state digital mammo

November 01, 2008

Since full-field mammographystarted going digital eight yearsago, systems based on flat-panelarrays have dominated. But computedradiography has begun seeping intothat market and, if the FDA allowsCR companies to apply for streamlined510(k) approval of mammographyupgrades, the trickle of CR productscould turn into a flood.

CAD offerings build on clinical performance

November 23, 2005

Computer-aided detection is evolving from an interesting technological trapping to a standard of care. Part of that process involves the ongoing iterative advancement expected to be on display at the RSNA meeting.

CAD system identifies abnormalities in breast sonograms

December 01, 2004

Cedara Software is developing a computer-assisted detection system for breast ultrasound. The software, announced as a work-in-progress at the RSNA meeting, is intended to identify the sonographic characteristics of benign as well as malignant breast masses and to classify the extent of malignancy for specific nodules.

Digital multibeam processing augments mid-level ultrasound system

December 01, 2004

Medison has added digital multibeam processing to its SonoAce 8000 SE mid-level ultrasound system. The new capability, shown at the RSNA meeting, increases frame rates during both color and 2D imaging and supports harmonic imaging to enhance clarity and spatial resolution. Features include multibeam color and Doppler imaging and pulsed-wave spectral Doppler.