Morris Panner, President, Intelerad Medical Systems


Is Handheld Ultrasound the 'New Stethoscope'?

In combination with cloud-based data infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, handheld ultrasound devices may have the potential to significantly enhance efficiency for providers and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Dhruv Chopra, Collaborating Imaging Chief Executive Office


Combatting Radiologist Burnout

Resisting burning remains critical, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dhruv Chopra, MBA, Collaborative Imaging Chief Executive Officer


Communication Critical to Providers Adhering to Follow-Up Recommendations

Collaborative Imaging’s Dhruv Chopra, MBA, takes a deeper look into how many follow-up recommendations are ignored and what can be done to reverse the trend, leading to better patient care.

Jared Kaltwasser


Lessons from Singapore about COVID-19 and Radiology

One hospital’s experience in Singapore with SARS could help guide U.S. hospitals through COVID-19

Elad Walach, CEO of Aidoc


Too much of a good thing? The Challenges of Proliferating AI Solutions in Radiology

Radiology must have a plan for implementing the growing number of AI algorithms.  

Nicholas Mannix, BS


Occupational Radiation Exposure: Serious Risks and Safety Solutions

Real world guidance to protect both you and your patients.

Krishna Nallamshetty, M.D., President, Radiology Associates of Florida & Executive Vice President of Radiology Partners


How Radiology Practices Have Changed as a Result Of COVID-19

From changes to revenue, imaging utilization, and workflow, COVID-19 has changed the face radiology in today's healthcare environment.

Susan Harvey, MD, Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Breast & Skeletal Health Division, Hologic, Inc.


Artificial Intelligence & Mammography: Where It’s Been & Where It’s Going

From detecting breast density and reducing image file sizes to improving cancer detection and creating new risk models, AI is significantly impacting breast imaging.

Max Quellhorst, BS


Diagnostic Errors: Lessons Learned and Mitigation Strategies

Three causes of errors and three potential solutions to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Erica Weiss, MD


Image IQ Quiz: 25-Year-Old Soccer Player with Posterior Foot Pain

Review the case study and test your knowledge to make the correct diagnosis.

Ritu lokhande, MD


Image IQ Quiz: Patient Presents With Radius Abnormalities

Patient presents with abnormalities of the radius.

Erika Hanson Brown, Founding Mayor of Online Community COLONTOWN


Hey FDA, There’s No Need to Add to Cancer Patients' Scanxiety

Registering all manufacturer repair service providers -- including third parties -- with the FDA could go a long way to reducing patient follow-up imaging fears.

Marco Meglio


Real-Time Imaging Software for Deep Brain Stimulation Gets FDA Approval

Boston Scientific’s STIMVIEW XT reportedly enables 3D brain imaging that facilitates more accurate lead placement and targeted stimulation modeling for patients with Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor.

Vipal Kapoor, M.D.


Image IQ Quiz: Middle-Age Woman with Back Pain

Middle age female with back pain and left sided radiculopathy. What most likely represents the imaging finding? ​

David Lee, MD


Image IQ Quiz: Sudden Knee Pain After Playing Pickleball

Review the case study and test your knowledge to make the correct diagnosis.

Guido Stoeckmann, Regional Sales Manager, Dunlee


Evaluating Imaging Technology Investments Requires New Definitions

Is it possible for organizations to strike the right balance between technology adoption and controlling cost to meet current needs?

Mike Hennessy, Sr., Founder and Chairman, MJH Life Sciences


How Pharmaceutical Innovation Is Saving the World

The pharmaceutical industry has accomplished the medical breakthrough of our lifetime. In nine months, the investigators, physicians, and business leaders involved have created a lifeline, rescuing the world from COVID-19. It’s a feat the United States and the world must appreciate.

Arthy Saravanan, MD


Another Perspective on Private Equity-Backed Radiology Practices

While some have raised questions and concerns about a possible loss of autonomy with the increasing presence of private equity in radiology, this author says potential benefits of such an alliance, including access to new technologies, career development and a strong patient focus, go beyond the expected economies of scale.

Jeff Hall


MRI Research Suggests Link Between COVID-19 Related Brain Fog and Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction

For people with COVID-19 related brain fog, emerging dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) research findings revealed blood-brain barrier disruption in multiple brain regions, including temporal lobes and the frontal cortex, up to a year after active infection.

Noah Takacs, BS


Iodinated Contrast Media Shortage: Practical Solutions and Applications in Radiology

As the iodinated contrast media shortage continues to have a significant adverse effect on radiology, these authors assess the pros and cons of emerging strategies and imaging alternatives.

James K. Tatum, M.D.


Image IQ Quiz: 30-Year-Old Woman Presents with Papilledema

A 30-year-old female presents with papilledema. What is the imaging finding?

Christine Murray, RT(R),(M),(CT),(MR), Women's Health Product Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation


Key Considerations with Implementing Contrast-Enhanced Mammography in Your Practice

As literature continues to emerge about the potential of contrast-enhanced digital mammography (CEDM), this author reviews clinical and practical benefits of the modality and pertinent steps for adding it to your diagnostic armamentarium.

Taisuke Fujita, General Manager, Endoscopy, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.


Colorectal Cancer: Next Generation Technology for a New Generation of Patients

Advanced technology solutions are key to helping providers detect colorectal cancer faster and sooner.

Elie Goulding, M.D.


Image IQ Quiz: What's the Diagnosis of Post-Bypass CTA?

What is this seen post bypass surgery along the aorta?

Jason M. Broderick


What a New Study Reveals About Actinium-225 PSMA Therapy and Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

The use of actinium-225 PSMA radioligand therapy led to PSA level decreases of at least 50 percent in 57 percent of patients and a median progression-free survival rate of 7.9 months in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), according to newly published research.

Catherine Grace P. Hobayan, BS


Pathways to Medical Device Innovation: Exploring Collaboration Between Interventional Radiologists and Biomedical Engineers

Multidisciplinary collaboration between innovators in two seemingly disparate fields have led to significant advances.

Vougiouklis Nikolaos, M.D.


Image IQ Quiz: Patient Presents with Lower Back Pain

What is the diagnosis in this 35 year old patient with lower back pain?

Glen Nicholson, MRT(R), RTR, Worldwide Product Line Manager, Carestream Health


Assessing the Benefits of Mobile X-Ray Imaging

As imaging volume continues to escalate for radiologists, more and more health-care facilities are turning to mobile imaging for increased efficiencies and benefits for patient care.

Kernesha S. Weatherly, DHA, MHA, CNMT, RT(CT)


Evaluating Your Effectiveness as a Radiology Administrator

Taking stock of one’s leadership style, strengths and weaknesses can pay dividends in managing a busy radiology department or practice.

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