Katie Robinson


Can MRI-Based Prostate Cancer Screening be a Viable Alternative to PSA Testing?

December 01, 2022

In what may be the first study to assess the effectiveness of biparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for prostate cancer screening in a large cohort, researchers found that MRI screening had a significantly lower false positive rate and significantly higher positive predictive values (PPVs) than prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-based screening.

New Ultrasound Study Shows Increased Liver Stiffness 10 Months After COVID-19 Infection

December 01, 2022

The retrospective study involving the use of ultrasound shear wave elastography showed a significant increase in liver stiffness 44 weeks after the diagnosis of COVID-19 in comparison to pre-pandemic and pandemic controls.

AI Assessment of 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Images May Help Predict Breast Cancer

November 30, 2022

An emerging artificial intelligence algorithm, developed to estimate volumetric breast density from 3D-reconstructed digital breast tomosynthesis images, could potentially facilitate individual risk assessments for breast cancer.

Deep Learning Model Predicts 10-Year Cardiovascular Disease Risk from Chest X-Rays

November 29, 2022

Based on a single existing chest X-ray image, the deep learning model predicts future major adverse cardiovascular events with similar performance to an established risk scoring system and may help identify people for preventive use of statin medication.

Ultra-High-Resolution MRI Identifies Enlarged Perivascular Spaces in People with Migraines

November 28, 2022

New magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research suggests a significant link between deep white matter hyperintensity severity and increased quantity of enlarged perivascular spaces in the centrum semiovale among people with migraines.