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Translational Research in Radiology


VIDEO: Bradley Erickson, MD, PhD, FSIIM, explains translational research and the challenges facing innovative radiology organizations.

Taking research from a controlled laboratory to the real world can introduce some practical problems. The device or medication, for example, might not work in practice.

“It’s not as simple as taking what you have in the lab and having it work patients,” said Bradley Erickson, MD, PhD, FSIIM, a radiology professor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He delivered the 2013 Dwyer Lecture on translational research at the SIIM annual meeting. “You have to deal with the real world, and that’s true for radiology just as it is for others.”

That bench-to-bedside, or translational, research is a critical part of understanding diseases and new technologies. But it can seem that the two sides are opposing forces. Innovation usually involves one person with a great - and disruptive - idea. Translation requires some discipline and teamwork.

But, Erickson said in an interview, “It’s possible for both to exist.”

In this video, Erickson explains translational research in radiology and what it takes to bring innovation into practice.

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