James Brice


Diagnostic imaging utilization slows

December 03, 2010

The dramatic growth of Medicare-related medical imaging utilization-which drew the attention of rate-cutting federal policymakers and the wrath of politicians on Capitol Hill in the mid-2000s-has ended, according to a study from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Growth in cancer patients’ radiation exposure exceeds that of general population

December 02, 2010

Cancer patients saw a four to five times greater increase in their average annual exposure to imaging-related ionizing radiation than the general population since 1994, according to a retrospective study of more than one million privately insured people in the U.S.

Shift to ultrasound for appendicitis could reap $21.8 million annual savings

December 01, 2010

U.S. hospitals could save nearly $22 million annually by deemphasizing CT in favor of diagnostic ultrasound as the frontline imaging test for suspected appendicitis. Such a change would also spare many patients unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation from CT, according to financial evaluation and meta-analysis by Laurence Parker, Ph.D., an imaging economics researcher at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

To err is human; analysis finds radiologists very human

December 01, 2010

Radiologist errors identified from an analysis of 656 imaging exams paints a unique picture describing why radiologists make errors. The analysis also points to ways such mistakes can be prevented.