DI Executive

Exploring the Merits of a Teleradiology Fellowship, Part 1

September 19, 2022

Navigating key logistical aspects, maintaining coverage contracts, and understanding the pros and cons of different reimbursement models are just a few of the topics that could make a teleradiology fellowship worthwhile.

What a New Study Reveals About Radiographers and Mammography Assessment

September 14, 2022

In a new United Kingdom study comparing radiologist and radiographer assessment of over 1.4 million digital mammograms, researchers said there were no significant differences with cancer detection rates or recall rates.

Could the New Stratus Imaging PACS Viewer Help Streamline Radiology Workflows?

September 09, 2022

Offering a variety of features to enhance efficiency, bolster security and reduce IT overhead, the cloud-native SaaS platform may help radiologists minimize workflow issues that can impede practices with high imaging volume.

Addressing the Digital Divide with Annual Mammography Exams

September 01, 2022

In a new study of over 7,200 women with no history of breast cancer, researchers found that women who scheduled health-care appointments online were more likely to have annual mammography exams but only 18 percent of the study population scheduled appointments online.

Medicare Claims Study Shows Increasing Utility of PAs and NPs in Radiology Practices

August 23, 2022

In a new study comparing 2017 and 2019 Medicare claims submission data, researchers noted a 40 percent increase in evaluation and management (E&M) services, and a 74 percent increase in imaging services performed by radiology-employed nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs).