DI Executive

Has Burnout Become an Epidemic in Radiology?

April 22, 2022

Emerging literature suggests a seemingly insurmountable wave of physician burnout in radiology. While the recently enacted Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act offers the promise of increased awareness, education, and funding to help prevent burnout, an increased commitment and flexibility from institutional leadership may also be key to erasing stigmas and driving meaningful change.

Social Media 2.0: An Emerging Space for Radiology Education

April 20, 2022

The enhanced immediacy, peer-to-peer interaction and networking capabilities of social media platforms, particularly newer vehicles such as Instagram and TikTok, may help reinvent educational models in radiology.

What Does the Future of Certification Look Like?

April 04, 2022

Artificial intelligence and other emerging technological advances may transform health-care certification, potentially improving access to best practice standards, increasing provider engagement, and bolstering collaboration.

Federal Judge Vacates IDR Provisions of the No Surprises Act

February 25, 2022

The ruling noted that the interim final rule for the legislation materially altered the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process of the No Surprises Act and cited a lack of sufficient “notice and comment,” rendering the changes as unlawful as per the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).