Neurology CT

Neuroimaging Recommended for Certain Migraines, Not All

February 06, 2020

American Headache Society published recommendations for when neuroimaging is most beneficial

CT Predicts Stroke Patients Benefitting From Endovascular Thrombectomy

January 24, 2020

When used together, non-contrast simple CT and CT perfusion have higher prediction rates

Edema Map Allows Earlier Infarction Visualization After Stroke Therapy

December 05, 2018

Edema visualization improves detection of early infarcts.

Microwave Imaging Shows Great Potential

March 22, 2018

ECR 2018: Electromagnetic microwaves bring much-needed new weaponry to the arsenal of breast and stroke imaging.

MRI Shows Brain Disruption in Children with PTSD

October 26, 2016

MRI shows brain changes in children with PTSD.

Visible Brain Damage Detected in MTBI From Blast Injuries

January 05, 2016

MRI shows lasting brain damage among military personnel with MTBI from blast injuries.

MRI Detects Brain Abnormalities in Migraine Patients

March 26, 2013

Brain MRIs migraine sufferers reveal abnormalities in cortical thickness and some surface area. These measurements could improve understanding of migraines.