Cardiac MRI

High-Performance, Low-Field MRI Provides Diagnostic Quality in Heart Attack Patients

August 12, 2020

Performance of 0.55T MRI is comparable to 1.5T MRI in acquiring and interpreting late gadolinium enhancement in patients suspected of myocardial infarction, research shows.

Cardiac MRI Reveals Post-Recovery Heart Damage in 78 Percent of COVID-19 Patients

July 28, 2020

Scans show cardiovascular impact lingers after the acute phase of viral infection and into recovery.

4D Flow MRI Measurements More Beneficial Than Stress Echocardiography

June 23, 2020

Imaging method offers greater understanding into right-sided heart dysfunction.

COVID-19's Continued Impact

June 05, 2020

Diagnostic Imaging's Weekly Scan: June 5, 2020

CTA Improves Coronary Disease Risk Assessment

June 04, 2020

When added to exercise electrocardiography, CTA can improve five-year risk prediction.

Philips Captures 510(k) Clearance to Apply Ultrasound Portfolio to COVID-19

May 13, 2020

Clearance allows for applications for lung and cardiac complications.

Caption Health Receives Expediated Clearance for AI-Guided Cardiac Ultrasound Tool

May 12, 2020

AI-guided imaging supports assessment of cardiac function and reduces personnel COVID-19 exposure.

DVTs and PEs: Imaging’s Role in Managing Blood Clot Dangers in COVID-19

April 23, 2020

An international group of radiologists and vascular specialists published recommendations for blood clot prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

3D Fused CT/MRI Images Improve Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosis

April 16, 2020

Multi-modal approach maximizes imaging capabilities.

EchoNous Secures FDA Clearance for Hand-Held Ultrasound Scanner

March 30, 2020

Eight-ounce scanner assesses heart function.