Orthopedic X-Ray


Study Looks at Deep Radiomics Approach for Diagnosing Osteoporosis on Hip X-Rays

May 26, 2022

Deep radiomics models that included deep learning features had a 40 percent or greater increase in the specificity rate for diagnosing osteoporosis on hip radiographs in comparison to models that only emphasized clinical and/or textural features.

What is Your Radiology Delta?

May 23, 2022

Amid a glut of unnecessary imaging requests, common worklist frustrations and perceptions from other clinicians that they can interpret medical images just as well, recognizing your role as a humble difference maker may provide the ultimate RVU for patients.

Emerging Strategies for Managing the Acute Shortage of Iodinated Contrast Media

May 18, 2022

In a recent video interview, two radiology professors from the Yale School of Medicine discussed the impact of the iodinated contrast media (ICM) shortage and potential strategies, ranging from ICM dose reduction to possible deferment of non-urgent imaging, that may provide a viable path moving forward.

Iodinated Contrast Media: 15 Recommendations for Addressing the Shortage

May 12, 2022

Given the challenges with the shortage of the iodinated contrast agent Omnipaque, national and state organizations have issued suggested risk mitigation and conservation strategies to reprioritize imaging needs during this temporary shortage.