Inside the RadPartners-MEDNAX Fusion: What's To Come

December 17, 2020

Diagnostic Imaging spoke with Radiology Partners Chairman and CEO Rich Whitney, Associate CMO Nina Kottler, M.D., and MEDNAX Radiology Solutions CMO Ricardo Cury, M.D., about this newly finalized partnership, what it means for the companies, and how it could impact the industry.

Addressing Sexual Harassment in Radiology

December 02, 2020

Anastasia Hryhorczuk, M.D., assistant clinical professor of radiology at Michigan Medicine, discusses, during RSNA 2020, the challenges that face radiology with sexual harassment and some strategies to eliminate it.

4 Pillars to Building Radiology’s Better Future

December 01, 2020

Bright years are ahead for the industry, according to industry expert Bhavya Rehani, M.D., if focus is given to selfless service, education, technology and innovation, and engaging the global community.