Canon Medical Releases Quick CT Decontamination System Amid COVID-19

System uses ultraviolet light system to kills advanced viruses and bacteria in minutes.

In an effort to address the ever-present decontamination concerns and priorities surrounding CT scanners used to image patients who are suspected of or have tested positive for COVID-19, Canon Medical System revealed, this week, a mobile CT unit that offers a rapid cleaning system.

In most cases, based on industry guidance, a CT scanner has been decommissioned for roughly an hour between scanning patients to minimize the likelihood of viral transmission. According to a company statement, the Aquilion™ Prime SP CT system can cut the cleaning time down to minutes by using an automated ultraviolet light system.

“Imaging infectious disease patients is not a new phenomenon for medical providers. But, our customers are facing an unprecedented number of potentially contagious patients,” said Erin Angel, managing director of Canon Medical System’s CT Business Unit, in a statement. “Our deployable CT offerings with the addition of rapid UV-C decontamination will offer providers a unique solution to help improve their workflow and safety as they image infectious disease patients.”

Available as a modular or mobile footprint, the system can be isolated from other staff and patients, creating a safer environment for imaging patients who are suspected of having COVID-19. The decontamination system reduces bacteria, spores, and viruses and is effective against a myriad of advanced viral infectious diseases, according to the company statement.

The system is available on new deployable CT solutions, as well as existing fixed imaging suites.