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GE HealthCare Adds Real-Time AI Guidance to Venue Family Ultrasound Systems


Geared to clinicians who may lack ultrasound expertise, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Caption Guidance technology reportedly provides stepwise instruction for acquiring optimal cardiac ultrasound images.

GE HealthCare says the addition of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Caption Guidance technology to its Venue line of point-of-care ultrasound devices may help mitigate training and skill barriers with ultrasound use, and possibly expand the use of cardiac ultrasound for timely assessment in at-risk patients.

The Caption Guidance, a new add-on feature for the Venue line of ultrasound systems, reportedly utilizes AI to provide step-by-step guidance on how to acquire high-quality cardiac ultrasound images.

Expanding ultrasound access to clinicians who may have training and skill challenges with ultrasound may facilitate earlier point-of-care detection of heart disease in settings such as critical care wards and emergency departments, according to GE HealthCare.

“Venue Family ultrasound systems support clinical decision-making at the point of care, including the emergency department, offering simple, fast, and precise solutions. With the integration of Caption Guidance AI-driven software, these devices can enhance cardiac care and reduce the burden on sonographers and radiology departments by giving more clinicians the ability to perform scans and triage patients,” said Dietmar Seifriedsberger, the global general manager of Point of Care and Handheld Ultrasound at GE HealthCare.

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