Microsoft Introduces Cloud-Based DICOM Server


Open-source system makes it easier to merge clinical data with imaging files.

Microsoft is integrating more into radiology with the launch of a new medical imaging server.

Last week, the tech monolith revealed Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare – a solution that is intended to bolster patient engagement, facilitate collaborations, and augment clinical and operational insights. And, a big part of it will be a cloud-based, open-source DICOM server that can be used with Microsoft’s Azure programming interface that allows for rapid data interoperability.

In partnership, the DICOM server and Azure make it easier to bring clinical health information and imaging files together to complete tasks that are considered to be too expensive and too difficult under current in-house systems. It is the first cloud-based technology to do so, according to company information.

“As a radiologist, I am excited to see the development of Microsoft’s imaging server,” said Gregory Moore, M.D., Ph.D., a radiologist and corporate vice president of Microsoft Health Next. “Imaging data makes up to 74 percent of all medical data and on our quest for patient-centered care, this imaging data often provide the clues to connect the dots in disease detection, as well as to guide the most effective prevention and treatment strategies.”

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