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New Year brings fresh look,expanded editorial board


When I started workingas a medical editor inthe late 1980s, one ofthe most memorablepieces of advice I received came froma senior nurse, who told me that medicaldoctors would read an articleprinted on toilet paper if they felt it wasaccurate and clinically relevant andwould enable them to deliver betterpatient care.

When I started working as a medical editor in the late 1980s, one of the most memorable pieces of advice I received came from a senior nurse, who told me that medical doctors would read an article printed on toilet paper if they felt it was accurate and clinically relevant and would enable them to deliver better patient care. She urged me to concentrate on quality and not worry too much about presentation.

Nobody would disagree about the overriding importance of quality in all spheres of life, but presentation has become a higher priority over the past decade or so, particularly in journal and magazine publishing. As competition for readers’ time has intensified due to the growing pressures in their professional and personal lives, and as the Internet has become easier to navigate and more beneficial for training and education, getting the message across in a striking, readable way has become essential for print publications.

This train of thought led us to redesign Diagnostic Imaging Europe, and the fruits of our labors are visible in this issue. We aimed for a cleaner and more modern and professional look, and we hope the end result is a less cluttered, more readable format.

Producing a magazine is always a team effort, and many people contributed to this new design, but I need to single out our creative director, Nancy Bitteker, and our graphic designer, Evan McCauley, for their hard work on this project.

Also, I am delighted to announce five new Editorial Advisory Board members: Dr. Filipe Caseiro Alves, Coimbra, Portugal; Dr. Andrea Klauser, Innsbruck, Austria; Dr. Katarzyna Gruszczynska, Katowice, Poland; Dr. Philippe Lefere, Roeselare, Belgium; and Dr. Anders Persson, Linköping, Sweden. You should look out for an article in Diagnostic Imaging Europe’s April issue, in which we will be introducing these five newcomers to readers.

Although Diagnostic Imaging Europe does not have a formal manuscript review process, our board plays an important ongoing role by providing ideas for future articles, answering technical queries as they arise, and overseeing our editorial work. It meets annually to discuss future coverage and trends in medical imaging. Members perform these tasks on a voluntary and unpaid basis, and we are very grateful to them for their guidance and input.

Finally, if you are planning to attend European Congress of Radiology in early March, please do call by Diagnostic Imaging Europe’s booth. It would be a pleasure to see you and to receive your feedback on our new look, as well as your thoughts on any other matters. We look forward to meeting you in Vienna.

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