Shimadzu Corporation Announces Partnership to Sell Touchless Image-Control Solution

A one-year renewable agreement will let Shimadzu Medical Systems USA market the TIPSO AirPad, potentially safeguaring sterilization in interventional radiology procedures.

Diagnostic medical imaging systems company Shimadzu Corporation announced Monday that its subsidiary Shimadzu Medical Systems USA signed a one-year renewable agreement with Canadian company NZ Technologies to market the TIPSO AirPad® in the U.S. market.

TIPSO technology is largely used in interventional radiology procedures, and, according to a company press release, the AirPad will let providers move images during a procedure without actually touching them. Limiting contact will safeguard sterility as operators won’t need to scrub in and out in order to consult images.

AirPad is a palm-sized, portable, wireless solution that offers multimodal imaging control that uses finger taps and twirls to manage image orientation and adjustments, according to the press release. It sits as a mouse and keyboard at the bedside while a representation of a hand and a menu pops up on the system monitor display. 

The AirPad connects to any workstation via a USB dongle without interfacing with the hospital networking or any type of transfer or storage of patient data, helping to maintain HIPAA compliance. By providing ready-access to live and historical images, the technology could reduce the need for additional scans, as well as decrease operative time, the company said.