Social Radiology Network Enables Instant Mobile Ultrasound Imaging Anywhere


Functionality improves patient care by allowing secure image share with providers before technologists leave patients.

Healthcare solution provider Twisted Ceptors Corporation has announced their MIMIC network can enable instantaneous, secure transmission of mobile ultrasound imaging and reports, making it easier for providers to share images with patients without requiring the patients to leave their homes.

“We believe this sets us apart from other vendors in this marketplace,” said Michael A. Muscato, Twisted Ceptors founder. “To provide a totally free service that continues to support our mandate of improving patient care through cooperative sharing is a game changer.”

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By using its MDRIVE “edge” technology, MIMIC has developed what amounts to a mobile radiology office that can immediately send studies and reports to the company’s vendor neutral archive. This functionality requires no USB storage sticks or bulk data transfers, and it prevents incomplete study uploads.

The social network shares image instantly via low-cost communication devices that have financial-grade security and encryption. In addition, 5G-capable network connectivity, as well as the MIMIC cloud, make it possible for mobile imaging technologists to send studies to the physician while still present with the patient.

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