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Pay-for-performance Programs in Radiology


Video: The ACR’s Judy Burleson explains how pay-for-performance and quality measurement programs affect radiologists and how to get involved.


Pay for performance and quality measurement programs don’t just affect primary care physicians. The emergence of new health care models such as accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes have put a spotlight on quality improvement for all specialties.

“For radiology groups to win or to add value to those types of organizations they need to support that bottom line in providing quality, safe, efficient imaging services,” said Judy Burleson, director of metrics for the American College of Radiology. She spoke on the topic this month at the annual meeting of the AHRA, association for medical imaging management.

In this video, Burleson addresses how pay for performance programs affect radiology, and what groups should do to understand this trend and get involved.


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