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Radiology Partners Unveils New CMO Office, Names 13 Leaders


Move underscores practice’s foundation of being physician-led.

Leading radiology practice Radiology Partners (RP) announced Tuesday it has created an Office of the Chief Medical Officer and has named 13 providers to serve.

The launch of the office is an opportunity for these leaders within the practice to further promote the organization’s mission to transform the specialty through improvements in operations, integrations, communications and health policy, artificial intelligence, technology and data, provider experience, research and education, recruitment, and growth.

“Establishing a radiologist-led Office of the Chief Medical Officer is an exciting step that will further amplify the voices of radiologist leaders both internally and externally,” said Rich Whitney, RP chair and chief executive officer. “This step-function increase in investment in radiologist leadership is reflective of our core values and represents continued progress on our journey building a transformative radiology practice that is delivering clinical value to our patients and the healthcare system overall.”

The intent of the office, according to a practice statement, is in line with RP’s mission of being physician-led. The CMO office will include:

  • Frank Castellano, M.D.,James Lyons, M.D. and Rajeev Shah, M.D., MBA, will serve as the associate CMOs for clinical operations for the Midwest, West and Southeast Regions, respectively.
  • Byron Christie, M.D., (@ByronChristie) and Syed Zaidi, M.D., MBA (@zaidirad) will serve as associate CMOs for integration.
  • Richard Heller, M.D., MBA, (@reh3md) will serve as the associate CMO for communications and health policy.
  • Nina Kottler, M.D., MS, (@RadKottler) will serve as associate CMO for clinical artificial intelligence.
  • Vikram Krishnasetty, M.D., will serve as associate CMO of clinical technology and data.
  • Chris Mattern, M.D., (@ChrisMattern_MD) will serve as associate CMO for radiologist experience.
  • Krishna Nallamshetty, M.D., (@knallamMD) will serve as associate CMO for clinical value.
  • Eric Rohren, M.D., (@DrEmRohren) will serve as associate CMO for research and education.
  • Arthy Saravanan, M.D., will serve as associate CMO for recruitment.
  • Gavin Slethaug, M.D., will serve as associate CMO for growth.

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