Teleradiology: Does it Hurt or Help?

Is teleradiology good for radiology?

Talking about teleradiology doesn’t always conjure up the most pleasant thoughts, according to Andras Palko of the University of Albert Szentgyorgyi, Szeged, Hungary, at ECR 2015.Palko might not be drinking the teleradiology Kool-Aid, but he recognizes that it will continue to exist and it does have its benefits.“If you want to answer the question of whether [teleradiology] is a friend or a foe, it always comes down to where it is used and how it is applied,” Palko said.Palko argued five issues that arise with teleradiology. Since Diagnostic Imaging is all about equal opportunity, we took the issues to Benjamin W. Strong, MD, chief medical officer, vRad, to let him counter why these issues are actually opportunities.Find out what they said in the slideshow and then tell us in the comments section below what you think about teleradiology.

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